Apollo Silk Lined Thermal

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Style: Thermal Top

Thermal Top
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Color: Light Grey

Light Grey
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Apollo Silk Lined Thermal is engineered for outdoor activities and those who brave extreme weather to conquer their fitness goals. Designed as a snug underlayer, this set is your ultimate ally in regulating body temperature without hindering performance with excessive layering.
Our inner layers are crafted from 100% premium silk, a fabric renowned for its exceptional thermal abilities. The addition of AirLock technology maximizes silk’s already unbeatable temperature regulation . The napped and textured silk feels like a gentle embrace from a cloud, providing unparalleled comfort and insulation.
But our silk set offers more than just comfort by ensuring your skin remains hydrated and avoiding the discomfort of feeling wet and cold after sweating. You won't find anything else that provides this level of luxury and performance.
         So, whether you're skiing, hiking, or engaging in any cold weather activities, you’ll only need this one thermal instead of multiple layers to keep you at the perfect temperature and maintain peak performance.
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Fabric: 29% Silk, 24% Cotton, 24% Viscose, 20% Nylon, 3% Spandex

Lining: 100% Silk

Care & Maintenance:
Extend the lifespan of your product by following these instructions:
Pay extra attention to fabric care so the natural structure and texture of the material remains intact.
We recommend alternating daily wear to reduce wear and tear.
Always check the care label for washing instructions.
Consider using a professional cleaning service for the best results. Use only detergent designed for silk & wool & cashmere
Keep in mind that our products are designed to evolve over time, enhancing their unique character.